Head, Inc. is dedicated to serving our customer’s construction needs. We are specialists in concrete paving on airfields. Our desire to perform in an exemplary manner is an attitude shared by everyone at Head, Inc, from our labor force in the field to the President and everyone in between. We pride ourselves in meeting the needs of the various government entities we work with as evidenced by the following comments:

“The quality of your workmanship, the active coordination with the Government representative, the timeliness of performance, and a quality finished product were especially commendable.... Congratulations on your professionalism and a job well done.”
Wayne W. Boy, Colonel, U.S. Army
District Engineer

“Head Inc.’s performance on this project has been outstanding. Their planning and execution of the work was exemplary... Contractor personnel assigned to this project were highly professional, capable and experienced, which led to the project’s successful completion... I highly recommend Head, Inc. for future work of this nature. ”
Jerry T. Haste, Supervisory General Engineer
Naval Engineering Command

“Their operation was one of the best organized and planned that I have ever seen...They have a slip form paving operation that every project manager hopes for but seldom ever work with.”
Clyde Martin, Director Engineering/Construction
Airport Commission