Founded in 1927 as the George W. Timmons Company, our firm has always been a family owned business. In the 1960ís ownership of the company passed from the Timmons family to the Head family. Middleton E. (Ed) Head, Jr. was joined in ownership by his son James M. (Jim) Head in 1984 and the name was changed to Head, Inc. Continuously based in Columbus, Ohio, Head, Inc moved into a new headquarters building at 4477 East Fifth Avenue in the summer of 2004.
Since its inception, Head Inc. has been involved in public works projects. Our work experience includes projects for the Department of Energy, the Navy, the Corps of Engineers, and various municipalities as well as private industry. In our early history, we were primarily building contractors doing a variety of standard and specialty structures in Ohio. In 1984, Jim Head led the company in a new direction by contracting to build an aircraft test facility at Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station in North Carolina, our first project outside the state of Ohio. Since that time, nearly all of our projects have been outside of Ohio concentrating on the southeastern states.
The other shift of our business plan began in 1986 when we did our first concrete paving project on an airfield. After a mix of building and paving projects in the late eighties and early nineties, we are now specialized in airfield concrete paving. We manufacture, place and finish concrete on site with our own forces. Our expertise has elevated us to being a preferred paving contractor for the Navy and Corps of Engineers. We were recognized by the Navy as their Southern Division Contractor of the Year in 2003.